Sjoeke is a Brussels'Flemish word for darling, so you can read this as "darlings from Brussels"; connected with the French word "choux" you can also read this as Brussels'sprouts; mon chou is also used in French to say "my darling"; this blog on life in Brussels started originally in support of the BOZAR project POZE to document life in St Josse and other Brussels' towns. A Sjoeke is also a delicious pastry (chocolate or mocca with a cream filling, éclair in French)

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Mid September I started working at Bozar (see in the support team for concerts, theatre plays, exhibitions, movies etcetera.
This is me and Hugues at the ticket control entrance of a concert by Cesaria Evora. This photo was made by a professional photographer who came to take pictures of the concert and we said to him: "hey, what about us" and the man obliged us in all his kindness! Thank you so much Mr JOS KNAEPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bozar is situated in the town center, just beyond Central Station.

Less serious?

Photo of me by Lavona Sherarts, a visitor and mail artist from the USA.

We did this POZE for a mail art project on the PIED PIPERS and also turned the picture into an envelope for future mailings!

My flute is a knife in the restaurant L'ECHALOTTE behind the Brouckere square, Brussels' town center

The sculpture of the dog looks like a giant rat. Lavona was crazy of this sculpture. I like the sense of self moquery in this poze.

What we call in French "l'auto-dérision" is one of the major qualities in life. Someone should teach this to managers and political leaders for instance...

Envelope based on the photo above

mailed by Lavona to Guido

Tamara Wyndham, another mail artist from the USA put a quote on a Yahoo group recently about "the magic of mail" as expressed by a postman in Baghdad.

"It's something wonderful to get a letter. The paper, the stamp, the envelope. It is not just a piece of paper. It is something sacred. "
IBRAHIM ISMAIL ZAIDEN, a postman in Baghdad, Iraq.

(quoted in the New York Times)

Corresponding with the universe or following the pied pipers who diffuse hate, war or terror?

What was it that John & Yoko put on giant bilboards? WAR IS OVER IF YOU WANT IT! (now more than ever, so it seems..)

Splendid photo of Lavona Sherarts

Vincen loved this picture and because so many photos on this blog on Brussels will come from her hand,

I"ll highllight her here:

Little Owl, wise woman, artist book maker, rubber stamp carver, aquarelist, photographer, musician and music lover, poet, self esteem therapist, mother, wife to TED who teaches photography, visionary who tunes in past, present and future lives, mail artist, correspondent, a good friend, neighborhood watcher, concerned citizen, blue collar to the bone

Let's POLKA dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (GV)

Check one of Lavona's recent mail art projects on the MUD FLAP GIRL by visiting:

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Map of St Josse on chée de Louvain

Photo I took January 21, 2006 when walking from my home to the Mozart day organized by Klara, the Flemish classical radio station, in Bozar

St Josse is the poorest town of Brussels (based on the average income of its citizens)

But what's "the map of being poor"?

Inside Bus 29 who stops at the square of St Josse

Sint Joost is the Flemish sign for the stop

Saint Josse is the French sign for the stop

These signs make it easy for us travelers: we know exactly where we are and don't have to ask the driver for information

About Brussels busses: Bus 65 ends at the headquarters of NATO. It was shocking for some peace activists to see a bus with Nato as final destination, which inspired me to the joke, don't worry about Nato, that's only a yellow bus!

Yellow busses in Brussels are run by the subway company (called MIVB or STIB). White busses are run by a Flemish bus company (called DE LIJN). So you need different tickets for both systems unless it is a transit ride (hopping from one system to the other is allowed with the same ticket but only if you hop...)