Sjoeke is a Brussels'Flemish word for darling, so you can read this as "darlings from Brussels"; connected with the French word "choux" you can also read this as Brussels'sprouts; mon chou is also used in French to say "my darling"; this blog on life in Brussels started originally in support of the BOZAR project POZE to document life in St Josse and other Brussels' towns. A Sjoeke is also a delicious pastry (chocolate or mocca with a cream filling, ├ęclair in French)

Thursday, March 16, 2006


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March 12, Virginia in Ostend, on her way to the Cursaal to attend the Preisner concert.
Virginia Cubillan drinking coffee in my Brussels's flat.
She came from the USA just "for a weekend"(March 11-13, 2006).
Virginia is a poet and teacher. This is one of her poems and I have chosen this one because it sounded like a perfect echo and comment on the suicide death of Baudhuin Simon, known in mail art as PIG DADA.
Cats are known for
Having nine lives to kill,
By the wag of their tales
You can tell
Which one they're on.
Men are known for
Having one death to live,
By the depth of the holes
They dig you can tell how
Close they are to
(c) Virginia Cubillan
She has the hands of a butterfly
waving pain to walk out
till time slides
strawberries from her lips
when moon rises but sun remains
(c) Guido Vermeulen