Sjoeke is a Brussels'Flemish word for darling, so you can read this as "darlings from Brussels"; connected with the French word "choux" you can also read this as Brussels'sprouts; mon chou is also used in French to say "my darling"; this blog on life in Brussels started originally in support of the BOZAR project POZE to document life in St Josse and other Brussels' towns. A Sjoeke is also a delicious pastry (chocolate or mocca with a cream filling, éclair in French)

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Sunday, 12 February 2006

This is a kind of Pre Valentine Encounter. I invited one of my best friends to come around and have a dinner together in Restaurant Old Bosnia.

While talking on the present state of our own lives I gave her some presents: the latest CD's of An Pierlé and a free ticket to a book fair.

Anne Marie Finné is one of the most gifted painters I met in the academy of Molenbeek (1080 Brussels). She lives in Laeken (1020 Brussels) and we remained in touch and became very good friends.
She introduced me to the music of Pierlé this summer. That's why I gave her the CD's.

It was snowing that day and she biked from her home to mine and returned the same way.
She emailed me within the next hour: "Bien rentrée plein de neige dans les yeux"
(arrived home well with plenty of snow in the eyes)
Reacted back: better to have snow in the eyes than snow in the heart.

Not that there is any danger of that. To discover some of the splendid art work by Anne Marie:

In front of my door. The balloons indicate a birthday party of some of my Polish neighbors.